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Drone Video Production


storyboard & treatment

As with all of our video production services, at this stage, we'll schedule your pre-planning session to outline a storyboard, or if you already have in mind what you need and just need a drone videographer to help you shoot your piece, we'll use this time to get all parties on the same page. We will also discuss the treatment and any additional ways we can help you get the look you want.

Video Production

Your big day is here! We'll have planned the perfect window of time to shoot (best weather and time of day is important!) and then we will guide you through the process of creating your visual. Using state-of-the-art drone gear, we'll arrive early and take it to the sky.

Video Editing

Our professional drone video editors will take it from here. We specialize in stunning color-grading and are strong in creating and/or emulating your current branding if your using video production for advertisements or video marketing to get the perfect look and feel. Just wait until you see the beauty we'll capture from a bird's eye view.

Our Drone Footage

See Our Drone Footage At Work

Drone Video Services


Drone footage is excellent for showcasing brick and mortar businesses, investment property, landscaping and much more. An aerial view of your company’s location, signage and structure makes the environment welcoming to new customers and clients and easier to both visualize and locate.


Drone footage and photography is perfect for real estate listings. What better way to showcase your property than from above? Show potential buyers, property developers or investors the gorgeous grounds from the sky and you’ll have the leads lined up in no time!

Tallahassee, Florida, USA downtown skyline.

Capturing for event production using a drone gives us the ability to see its entirety. This is how our Dallas videographers take event production services to the next level. Both small and large gatherings can be displayed beautifully with this specialty – just one reason we love doing it so much! 

early bird gets the deal

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