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/ˈfī(ə)rˌbrand/ noun.

Who We Are

FireBrand Media is a group of individuals with an insatiable desire for creativity and quality. We all come from odd ends of the professional spectrum. From backgrounds ranging in film making, SEO strategy, finance, and even military service, we build our content with a level of quality control, excitement and pace that is viral. 

FireBrand Media is a lifestyle that pushes us to find novel solutions in an ever-changing virtual landscape. We provide our clients, partners and sponsors with a digital footprint that fits them like a custom pair of shoes. 

Content is personal, whether for businesses or for individuals. We’re here to strategize, plan and most importantly, follow through with your vision. From day one, we seek to have long-term relationships with those we work with. We are excited to see that you’re ready to create something new. Let’s do this together!


Phone: 214-494-0290
Adress: 411 N Akard St. #705, Dallas, TX 75201
MON-FRI 9am - 5pm, SAT-SUN 10am - 5pm