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Video Editing Service


Filming For Post

Our video editing and post-production services are nearly unmatched in quality, skill and ability to captivate the audience. Our videographers and post-production teams work differently than most; by ensuring that the video production service is done with post in mind (every time). When post drives filming direction, the results are a home-run content piece with optimal potential for ROI in media asset production for video ads, social posts and websites.

Upping The Ante

We have an insatiable drive to always up the ante. This means that your project becomes our passion and not only will we use our video editing skillsets sharpened to this point, we'll be looking for every opportunity to make each piece even better than the last, custom-curated for your desired look from start to finish, and chase our gratification in seeing that we've been able to wow you with that "next big thing" feel.

Quality Competition

Our Dallas videographers shoot video content with only the highest-in-quality camera gear, lenses and lighting equipment so that our video editors have A-game cuts to use - add to that their fiery editing touch, and you can rest-assured that we mean it when we say, "We play to win" at Firebrand.

Post-Production Services


We specialize in motion graphic design for video pieces that impress, educate, and inspire their audiences. This custom video editing services is fundamental to ensuring your investment in a video production company brings a return that exceeds expectation.


Our videographers keep the cameras rolling non-stop throughout the course of all video, ad, promo and event production service shoots to ensure that b-roll is captured and able to be used in post-production to give viewers a glimpse into the emotional, detailed and inspirational moments that bring a story to life. 

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Because we focus heavily on b-roll capturing and always have bulk media from video shoots, we offer a unique service of archiving your footage so that not only are your important moments securely backed up, but recaps and future events, promo pieces and mentions have social proof.

We use transitions to ensure that your story is told in a way that’s seamless, highly creative, and professionally fine-tuned so that the message invokes emotion and drives a call to action, without distraction and curated for stylization to suit your brand and/or desired look and feel.

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Our company is comprised of highly creative videographers, photographers and video marketing specialists striving to produce high-quality visual assets while building long-lasting relationships and partnerships. Call us today to meet our video editors and learn more about our post-production services.
We look forward to working with you.