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Social Media Videos


Platform Curation

During our Discovery stage a storyboarding, we outline not only the storytelling aspect of your social media video, but ensure that the social platform(s) it will be posted on are part of the pre-production, production and post-production processes. We want to ensure that not only is the video suitable for the platform and it's specific audience targeting, but that it's shot with the aspect ratio that takes the most real estate on the viewers' screens and design elements are edited in to reflect the platform's specific culture.

Video Production

Because we shoot with post-production, video SEO, and platform curation as the driving forces for the video content, shoot day is a seamless execution of the video production. We'll bring our 6K Sony camera gear, professional lighting and audio equipment and experienced crew to get the videography done right the first time. Our videographers will coach you through the social media video process and stay in contact with you from pre- to post-production to make sure the end result is the ideal representation of you and your team/brand.

Post Optimization

Using our social media video post calendar, we'll take the mapped keywords inserted by our video SEO team and optimized captions for your reel or descriptions for your post, and finish them up with hashtag research. From there, it's just a matter of publishing the post and watching social video insights and analytics closely for user behavior metrics indicating areas to further optimize and what video content is resonating best with your audience and demographic.

Social Media Portfolio
Browse some of our favorite social media BTS and posts

Social Media Video Services

Social Media Video Production

Our social media video production services are curated for your industry and relevant platforms. We produce cinematic, promotional, lifestyle and vertical videos for optimal movement of engagement and reach metrics using demographics insights and digital marketing expertise.

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Social Media Video Marketing

We use social media video marketing for industries of all types to further entrepreneurial, organization and professional business growth. Using unbeatable 6K footage and video SEO, we create and execute your posting schedule, while testing and optimizing along the way.

Social Media Video Ads

Social media video ads take experience, and our advertising video services are done, in large part, for social ad video marketing. As we were founded on quality production coupled with the need for media found by technical SEO and PPC experts, ad video is a natural service for our team.

Social Media Video Editing

Our social media video editing services are done with skill, quality control and a stubbornness to put the fire in your social media and branding. We “film for post”, intentionalizing our videography and ensuring video editing is anything but an afterthought.


Your Platform Becomes Our Focus

Facebook Video Services

We offer video services for Facebook ad videos as well as organic Facebook video posts of all types. As the leading social platform today, it's a natural platform that we've garnered ample experience in via social media marketing using video for over 20 years of combined experience.

Instagram Video Services

Our Instagram video productions are customizable, with our crew having ample experience in vertical video production for reels, Instagram Ad videos, Instagram video SEO, and a wide range of industries. We're proud to offer Instagram video that truly fires up your brand and platform visibility.

LinkedIn Video Services

We have a large portfolio of LinkedIn video marketing in DFW. In industries ranging from financial consultants to event management to law firm and real estate agent. We love any opportunity to further the reach of organizations of all types using the professional air of this platform.

YouTube Video Services

Our YouTube video services include YouTube ads video production as well as YouTube shorts and organic YouTube videography and optimization. We use video SEO heavily on this platform, as it's ownership by Google makes it's authoritative nature in search results a key SEO-content pleaser for algorithms.

Yelp Video Services

Business video is the best way to connect with current and prospective customers, alike. Our Yelp videographers are experts in testimonial video services, asset video production and social media video marketing for brand awareness. Making this platform a perfect place to host Firebrand Media videos.

Google Video Services

We have extensive experience in video production for Google platforms. From the Google Display Network video distribution to Google Business Page videos and Google Ad video services. Our experience in SEO and PPC makes us a rarity in Google expertise combined with cinema-grade videography.

Our company is comprised of highly creative videographers and video marketers striving to produce high-quality visual assets while building long-lasting relationships and partnerships. Call us today to set up a meeting – we can’t wait to hear from you!