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Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Gracie

Gracie’s experience as an SEO pioneer and director led her to see the value in production and ultimately co-found the FireBrand Media team. A born creative and analyst, her strengths of blind spot detection, forward thinking, lead generation and artistic creativity are a cornerstone of FireBrand’s foundation and future. Her experience in the digital marketing space helped her see the need for Dallas videographers and photographers that are able to serve a wide range of industries. Her background in inbound marketing and paid ads sharpened her focus on videography and why so many businesses fail to use advertisement videographers –  she realized that video was the missing link!

Gracie loves all things involving SEO, RedBull, crafts and true crime. 

" Our future is dictated by the moves we make right now. Therefore, every digital product we provide is poured over. In the name of quality and service you can't find elsewhere. "
Gracie Mas

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Phone: 214-494-0290
411 N Akard St. #705, Dallas, TX, 75201