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Product Video Production

Our Dallas product video production service is inclusive of both e-commerce and digital product types and is customizable to reflect your campaign. For vendors and retailers large and small, we offer impactful, captivating and brilliantly enticing product video advertisement production. We're specialists in motion graphic design, b-roll production, video-transitions and scoring that shines your products in cinematic light.

Video Marketing Service

Our promotional video services include branded and motion graphic assets. Our skilled designers for promotional video content production create branded marketing videos that follow creative elements curated for marketing media. Not only that, our unique video marketing skillsets enable us to speak on the technical aspects needed when working together with multi-channel marketing teams.

Business Video Advertising

Small business, law firm, non-profit and Corporate video production company needs are all areas we pride ourselves on specialization for advertisement video assets. Whether your video needs require a host of deliverables, just a single website video, or monetization of industry experience via masterclass videography, our well-rounded experience in a range of industries yields trustworthy and professional production results.

PPC Video Ad Production

We are Google Ads, YouTube Ads and paid social experts, with excellence in both ad videography and video marketing services. Our PPC video ad production services ensure a seamless and stress-free asset delivery for our clients. From the creative ideation to working with technical analysts, we strategize PPC video in advance, using research, video SEO agency insight and multi-level consultation to light ROI fire to your campaign.

Video Podcast Production

With the ability to use platforms like YouTube Live, Instagram or Facebook Live, our sponsored podcast video production crew uses our experience in both video marketing and live streaming for live Dallas event and conference production, plus marketing-driven strategy and a streamlined process to guarantee value and stress-free productions. Whether pre-recorded or live, we have you covered. Every podcast we deliver comes with a host of add-on video and photo content.

Ad Production Highlights

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SEO Video Marketing

Our Dallas video SEO services drive all video production when these services are both executed by FireBrand Media. A brand's need to stand out amongst others in a saturated industry, - or the difficulty to launch interest in a highly niche one - is why video + SEO is the at the crux of our video marketing service specialization.

YouTube Marketing

We know that not only is a corporation, business or professional’s YouTube channel important for prospect trust and visibility on the YouTube platform itself, but also the specificity needed for YouTube video ads. Ask us about domain equity when video SEO is done professionally, optimized using specific money keywords.

Social Media Video Marketing

Paid social media video posts are often just what a business needs to turn it from invisible to viral. Our paid social videographers are highly skilled in vertical video for reels, keyword and audience targeting, and branded content curation for posting, tagging and creating interest and reach where it's the most likely to convert.

Marketing Media Production

Our media asset video production is inclusive of all webpage and platform types. From Team pages, e-commerce or digital product video production for demos to Dallas real estate video production and videography for Google Ads and PPC campaigns. We're your professional video advertisement production company.

Ad Production Footage


Drone video production is the next big thing for a wide range of video production services. And we not only have the specialist skills for footage and photos, but high-res drone cameras and passion to get the view that puts the fire in the footage.

Continuous 6K

Our 6K-cinema camera inventory and high-quality footage processing power are an investment on the part of our video production company to ensure an unbeatable video product that's a breathtaking and professional representation of our your brand.


Multi-cam angles are a professional service we are proud to offer for a broad scope of production types. We've selectively engineered all technical aspects of our production and editing processes to ensure harmony in cameras and footage.

Let us give you a free survey of your current online photo/video content. Earning your trust and relationship is a conversation, not a sale.

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Your Industry Becomes Our Focus

Your Industry Becomes Our Focus

Corporate Video Production

We offer not only corporate promo and ad production, but corporate event production as well. Including customized speaker production, industrial video production, video production for reels, snippets, individual speaker video production packages, and more. Corporate video production services are a fit for Firebrand, as we can use our advertising, production, corporate event videographer and event production company skills.

Event Marketing Video Production

Our event video productions are customizable, with our crew having ample experience as a corporate event production company in Dallas, and also having white-glove Dallas wedding videographers , special event services, and church video production services. We offer flyers, social posting and traveling videographers to meet the need for video production in Dallas, and outside of DFW as well.

Organization Advertisement Production

We have a large portfolio of digital marketing and event videography services for organizations in DFW. These include Church video production services Non-profit event videography, charitable events and fundraisers production, event recap video production, and even educational institution videos. We love any opportunity to further the reach of organizations of all types.

E-commerce Product Video Production

Our Amazon and e-commerce product video services include not only product video production, but product video marketing strategy as well. Ask about our video advertisement production services, product page video SEO and social media video marketing.

Small Business Promo Ad Production

Small business video production services are some of the best ways to connect with current and prospective customers, alike. Our advertisement videographers are experts in testimonial video services, website asset video production and social media video marketing to build brand awareness.

Promotional Dallas Video Production

We have extensive experience in video production for promotion of businesses in Dallas-Forth Worth. From landscaping and real estate video services to financial consulting and law firm video production in Dallas. Our videography is high quality and our core values include ensuring you white-glove, streamlined service.

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