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Video Production

All successful corporate brands and businesses have established media asset and branding guidelines that establish their identity. Our corporate video production services focus on taking these and turning the heat up for corporate video production that makes a true impact. Our production crew weaves this DNA into all conference event graphics, media assets, event recaps, corporate reels, and speaker video production products. As the authority Dallas event production company, we're proud to launch branded video production services into the cinematic orbit for every conference we produce.

Event Production

In the early event production stages, we work with your team to design and curate a look and feel that reflects your company. Then, we fine-tune the production scope by ensuring our videographers select the gear, aspect ratios and align all production processes to be executed for the specific social media video production, b-roll production, media asset usage and platforms they'll be used on. On the corporate event production shoot day, each professional Dallas event videographer on crew have already established run-of-show, highlighted speakers, keynotes, sponsors and vendors and arrive early for staging.

Video Marketing

Once event production services are finished, we move forward with post-production and, if applicable, footage integration into your video marketing strategy. Our corporate video production services range from training events to promo and video ad production. When event marketing or corporate brand awareness is the goal, we'll archive your event's footage for future event marketing media production, incorporate video SEO and social media video marketing, curate vertical reel video production for targeted platform audiences, and more. For every video marketing service, we integrate the design elements, lower thirds, title graphics and scoring we've curated as an extension of your visual guideline!

Conference Production Demos

From consulting with us to survey your press-kit to moving into the design and mark up stage of your custom designs, Firebrand Media has the capability to produce 6K, cinematic video, event testimonials, social teasers, vertical reels and recap videos. This is done by using typography, music, and animated motion graphics in a way that all post-production services compliment your brand identity. We use drone videographers, event photographers, premium audio and lighting equipment, and white-glove expertise in our service. See examples of our corporate event production services below.

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of speaking engagement videography and highlighted or keynotes speaker video production. From aspect ratios that are displayed beautifully on all devices to curated transitions, motion graphic design and scoring. We’re a turnkey production company for speaker social snippets, event teasers and speaker reels.

We use cameras and lenses that have an unmatched standard of quality in the Dallas event production space. Not only are we experienced in commercial videography, we pride ourselves on the show-stopping recaps we produce for conferences throughout DFW. Call today for a free consultation and book now, while availability lasts.

We provide event b-roll video footage for a range of video production services, but events in Dallas always deserve the venue-attributing, location-dedicating, skyline-boasting shots you get from above. Our Dallas drone videographers are trustworthy, experienced pros that do drone footage like no others.

We’ve spent our careers perfecting the art of production for social media platform-specific reels. Curated vertical videos using fiery video transitions, b-roll, drone video, and scoring are the ingredients for reels that can’t be forgotten. See demos of our reel production services to see how our crew fires up vertical video.

Graphic loops and event displays are assets that draw attendees in with their seamless transitioning into each repetition. Our event background graphics have continuity, are vertically-aligned and follow a research-driven event marketing strategy. See how conference background visuals with branded appeal, and a center-staging presence reinforces messaging.

Event Live-feed Production

We offer livestream services for both virtual conferences and live corporate events. We use it for not only event broadcasting, but increased ticket sales to those unable to attend in-person. We also use it for those who are monetizing industry experience with courses, for corporate training events, live-streamed meetings, and virtual networking events.

Capturing a bird’s eye view of a conference using drone video production gives us the ability to boast amazing views and orient viewers to an event’s entirety. This is how our Dallas videographers take event production to the next level. Both small and large venues can benefit from aerial footage produced with this specialization.

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Our production crew is made of forward-thinking and motivated Dallas video production and video marketing service specialists. We’re energized by every opportunity we get to produce high-quality media assets. Our founders would love to learn more about you and the details of your conference. Call today to inquire – we can’t wait to hear from you.