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Event Recap Production


Recap Video Production

The event recap video production stage begins with our discovery and storyboarding, involving one of our expert event videographers and event photographers sitting down with you to go over every facet of your event, from how you want your event recap to look and feel to your run of show, panelists, special occasion theme and location. Then, we we bring your event to life like never before after filming with cinematic 6K cameras and white-glove service. We specialize in crafting captivating event recap videos that leave a lasting impression. And no matter the occasion, we tailor our recap production and videography services to meet your unique recap and event requirements.

Dallas Event Production

Before your recap is delivered, we execute rigorous quality assessment, taking into account items from lighting, the specifics of your event production service needs, and video platform publishing intent to event graphic design elements, aspect ratios and subject focus. Our expertise spans across a wide range of event types. Whether you're hosting a trade show, launching a new product, organizing a networking event, coordinating production for a speaking engagement, managing a corporate conference, or celebrating an awards ceremony, we've got you covered. Our team is equipped to produce impressive, fiery, and branded event recap videos for every occasion.

Post-Production Excellence

Our event videographers will choose the best footage and moments of the day and use their specialized skills in event production, scoring and color-grading during video editing services post-production. They'll create a timeline using storyboarding decisions and retouch, place video transitions, stabilize shots, and artfully curate the winning footage. While using their masterful b-roll video production experience and motion graphic finesse to make your deliverables. Hand-chosen for their stubbornness to always set the bar higher, our editors achieve creative excellence, no matter the event type or size. We take your event footage and transform it into a cinematic masterpiece, keeping your audience glued to the screen!

Event Recap Portfolio

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Event Recap Categories

Our event production services include a wide range of event categories, including corporate event production, celebratory, milestone and wedding event videography as well as training event videos, Dallas conference production, and networking event videos. Reach out to learn more about our event production today for a free consultation! 


As a corporate video production company, we have ample experience in corporate event production services, and are proud to have a portfolio of event production with some of the largest corporate event names in DFW, including TEDx, SXSW, Clubhouse Dallas, Workforce Dallas and have produced recaps for a host of video marketing and professional video advertisement needs.


Our Dallas videographers love the chance to provide their service, and we’ve found that a majority of events held annually request them again and again. For those clients, we ensure that all raw and edited video is archived in it’s original quality, so that it can serve as social proof and be used in future event recaps and event marketing video production.

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