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Video Production FAQs



Different types of video production include a range of video content, from marketing videos and social media promotional videos to both corporate and business-type as well as celebratory-types of event highlight videos (commonly known as event recaps).

The video production process begins with pre-production. This is a discovery stage that involves communication between the video production specialist and the client to establish the production shoot storyboard, logistics, expectations, creative and design elements and specific video products that will be delivered.

On production day(s), the production stage is engaged, and this part of the process involves a camera crew or videographer taking all of the steps needed to acquire the media content necessary for each video product deliverable.

The final stage is video editing or post-production. During the post-production stage, the editor(s) will take all raw (non-colored, non-edited) videography from the shoot and choose the best pieces. They’ll look for the best b-roll, moments, audience engagement, and/or captivating moments, and lay them out on a timeline that follows the storyboard. Finally, the video will be sent to all parties needed for approval and/or revision requests. Once those are received back by the video editors, they’ll make the changes requested and send the final video deliverable to the client.

The fire in Firebrand Media comes from the video production techniques used by the crew involved in all 3 main video production stages, with pre-production using technique for storyboarding and treatment knowledge gleaned from years experience, production using Netflix-quality cameras and effortless filming finesse, and post-production using state-of-the-art processing power, hefty storage capability and Firebrand-technicality in software.

How much a videographer costs depends on a number of factors, with our price range being between $1000 to $15,000, aside from special circumstance productions. The price variables typically include an event or video production project’s size, length of video, length of filming time, amount of video production crew members needed, video content treatments, amount of deliverables, and camera gear needed.

How long video production takes for a single, one- to two-minute video is approximately 3 days to deliver, from the start of filming and with the production shoot day included. Then a 2-day turnaround for post-production to deliver the video for approval and review by the client. Additional time may be needed, depending on circumstances.

Examples of video production depend on the video’s ultimate purpose. That said, there are many videography techniques that can overlap. Docu-style video production, social media reels, and video snippets would be similar in production process.

For business or marketing purposes, video production examples include video ad assets, sponsored podcasts, and Q&A videos. For event production, examples are corporate event videos, live-streamed conferences, networking event recaps, and video albums for weddings.

Call our video production crew today at (214)494-0290 to book a free consultation. You can also read our guide, we’ll walk you through how to go about hiring and working with Firebrand Media Llc, and what video production looks like when you work with us.

Video production budget considerations are vital, and we know that this is a make or break area for many (if not most) companies and individuals looking to hire. To set a comfortable budget range for your project, reach out to us to inquire about our transparent pricing structure, or read our our Dallas production price ranges.