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Looping Event Visuals

Looping Event Visuals


Motion Graphic Design

As part of our event production company services, we're proud to offer expert, strategic and skillful designing of looping background visuals. These branded motion graphic design services seamlessly integrate with your event's creative elements, enhancing your marketing media and showcasing the brand to a crowd. Plus, we're well-versed in the technical aspects required for collaboration with AV teams, ensuring a smooth execution.


Our imaginative graphic displays are designed to play endlessly in a seamless loop, and are proven to draw viewers in with their seamless transitioning into each repetition. Our Dallas event production service crew uses professional post-production editing on all event graphics to add impressive visual appeal and an awe-inspiring, center-staging presence. This reinforces event messaging in a way that can't be overlooked, and demands to be remembered long after the curtains close.

Branded Differentiation

Our Dallas videographers, editors and graphic designers specialize in stunning color-grading and in using post-production service mastery, while following or creating branding to promise visual assets that have continuity, are vertically-aligned and follow a well-planned event marketing strategy. Whether it's a corporate event production, educational conference presentation, or networking event's staging design, looping graphics provide key imaginative vigor that sets your event apart.

Motion Graphic Design

Our motion graphic design services are the perfect way to incorporate your branded visuals into event display assets that reflect your event, product and/or service in way that can’t be missed and won’t be forgotten by event attendees.

Visual Design Samples

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Graphic Display Services

Event Presentations

Event presentations are simplified using animated graphics and seamless transitions to explain complex topics and processes. We use looping designs to achieve digestible brand messaging and match them to branded graphic presentation displays throughout an event to convey speaker keynotes and discussions in a simple way.


We’ve spent years perfecting the art of digital marketing using video. From social media videos and flyers that are displayed beautifully on all devices, to video ad production, video marketing and video SEO. We offer loops as an extension of branded event media across platforms, such as social snippets, promos, live-streams and more.

Animated Logos

Our team is highly experienced in brand video production, using incorporation of animated logos and other brand-related assets to reinforce company identities. Event audiences respond to this expression of company persona, culture and values when it’s strengthened using visual movement they feel naturally connected to.

Let's Fire Up Your Event

We’d love to fire up your event’s branding with professional, strategic and artistic event production services. Call us today for a free consultation, or learn more about our Dallas video production company, video marketing services, or videography services.