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Are Social Media Videos Right for You?

In the world of digital marketing, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Now, it may not be the first way you go or try. But the way is there and it is going to further your business. The key is patience, time and testing. Lots and lots of testing.

In speaking in terms of technical SEO and algorithms, our CMO Gracie explains it this way, “Google doesn’t tell us what we need to do. We have next to no guidelines of how to outrank our competition and ensure we are shown above them. We ARE given general guidelines of what to do more often and what definitely not to do, but other than that, we’re on our own.

So how do we move the needle? In my experience, I begin by comparing what my competition has that I don’t (if they are performing better than me). Then, I start adding to my own website the things that I found was lacking.

I do this in a controlled environment, meaning I only make one change at a time. And then when my keyword rankings do improve, I’ll know exactly which variable to attribute that to. The exact same principles apply to social media.”

The process can be broken down like this;

  1. Do your own social media audit or hire a digital marketing agency or video marketing agency to do one for you.
  2. Do a competitive analysis, keeping your own metrics and data points next to you to visually compare yours to those of your competition along the way. This is usually when we’ve found to have the biggest revelations about what the problem is or what next step we need to take in our strategy. 
  3. Compile a list of “Need to Dos” and prioritize it based on how many out-performing competitors have said strategic element (think video SEO, number of followers, number of posts, type of content posted, video or no video posts?, hashtags used, humorous content, frequency of posts, etc.)
  4. Make a schedule of deliverables (what we like to call a roadmap).
  5. Get started!
  6. Write down test results along the way and refer back to it as you continue down your social media video marketing journey.

With social media, your audience wants to feel like they have been allowed into your life for a moment. They want to see the faces that run your business. They want a corporate video production to allow them to see and hear a real consumer talk about their experience with the company. Or a law firm video production to show a real-world client discussing the court proceedings and how the attorney worked diligently to produce the outcome they needed and hoped for.

These are the things that not only bring people to your business for the first time, but also what makes them come back! Your customer loyalty is your bread and butter – as we’re sure you already know. After all, where would McDonalds be if every customer only tried a cheeseburger once? Surely not as big as they are now!

You may be wondering if social media video production for a corporate business or professional service is beneficial for marketing budget usage. This is a great question and one we get asked quite often. The answer to that is absolutely, yes. You should be using production for social media video posts or video ad production for paid-social. From healthcare, financial consulting and government to retail, law firm and commercial; video production companies are a way for us to communicate to your prospects your selling points and differentiators in a way that is appropriate for them.

So long as your video marketing company, videographer and video editor consult with you on your style guide and design guidelines, setting the correct tone of the video, music, visuals, graphics and typography, video will be a fantastic asset for you. For more insight on this, read our post about how production companies and videographers add value to your business.

Do you use a social media videographer service for your business? Does it give you an ROI? Leave us a comment below and tell us your experience!

Ready to hire video production? Learn how to hire a video production company, read our complete guide to video production services, or find out how much a videographer costs in Dallas before you make the jump!

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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