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5 Ways Video Production Helps Attorney Video Marketing

As digital marketing agency professionals, several of our team members have had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious law firms in the industry. Combined with our professional cinematographers specializing in Dallas attorney video production, we’ve felt the overwhelming nature of the landscape potential for quality, SEO and PPC-driving media production. 

In the best of cases, we’ve witnessed the power of visual storytelling by law firms in connecting with their audience, building credibility (or EAT in video SEO service speak), and establishing themselves as authorities in their respective fields of legal practice. Read these 5 insights we’ve gleaned into how these forward-thinking law firms use video production services and why it’s an indispensable tool for their success.

Video Production for Attorney Bios

Law firms are composed of a group of attorneys, each with their own unique techniques, colloquialism, expertise, credentials, and personality. “About” and “Team” video profiles and biographies are some of the best ways to not only introduce the attorneys to prospective clients, but broadcast to search engines for which queries to show these attorney videos to.

Video Production SEO

If an SEOs keyword research has revealed to them that prospects are searching for a law firm in Dallas, Texas, and using the terms “aggressive divorce attorney”, Google and Google-owned YouTube are going to display both text-website results, but images and videos, as well. It does this because machine learning has taught it that those media types have user behavior metrics (like clicks and time spent on page) that are just as good or better than text snippets (also known as meta tags). All the more reason to use media like video production for marketing, of course.

In SERPs, “happy accidents” are a rarity. Those that make it to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) go beyond a static photo and a list of credentials – they bring attorneys to life. Through professionally-crafted cinematography, attorney video production companies display not just their legal services, but also their differentiators, passion for their work, trustworthiness, mannerisms, and client testimonials.

Building Client Trust

These videos build the trust required not only for online visibility, but for clients to connect on a more personal level. Making the attorney-client relationship approachable and relatable before even making the first phone call. In the highly-competitive legal field, and in a location like Dallas-Fort Worth, this can only be accomplished by highly-experienced video optimization agencies and experts that are capable of ensuring video productions have algorithmically-understandable and rank-inducing attributes in order to make sure they shoot to the top as soon after posting as possible. Experts also need to have marketing-minded speech for adeptness in communication with law firm PPC and digital marketing agencies on client-side, else the attorneys and paralegals are burdened with translation and project management. We don’t want that.

Educational Video Content

The legal space is often – dare I say always? – filled with jargon and complex concepts that can be intimidating to the average person. That’s where educational videos come up to bat. Successful attorneys and law firms create educational videos such as podcasts, Q&As, explainer videos, and FAQs to break these concepts down and provide insight where it’s most sought (they know where this is due to query search volume revealed through video SEO analysis). These doubly become social media marketing video production pieces.

Through high-quality video production crew, gear and post-production expertise, we dissect potentially overwhelming legal matters into understandable terms. By doing so, law firms establish themselves as authorities in their fields. They’re providing a resource to knowledge-hungry prospects who’ve found themselves deviod of guidance and information on legal matters when they need it most.

Attorney Client Testimonials

A client’s testimonial is worth its weight in gold for lawyers and law firms small and large, and when it’s filmed and produced commercially, it’s all-the-more impactful on the decision-making of a viewer. Attorney client testimonial videos are a validating testament to the firm’s reputation, competence, and the positive outcomes it’s ensured for people facing stressful, high-stakes cases. Often, these are used as video advertisement productions due to their impact on campaign ROI.

By shooting testimonial video production with 6K cameras and inviting prospective clients to view them through the lens of cinematography, we curate the environment most likely to convert viewers that are about to decide on their attorney, and in many ways, their life. We do this by capturing the words as well as the emotions, expressions, relatability, and sincerity behind them. These videos provide for potential clients social proof, showing that the firm is bent on their desired results and cares deeply about its clients.

Podcast Production for Law Firms

Law firms today are not just about litigation; they’re also thought leaders and educators in their respective areas of practice. Video podcasts with panelists who’re experienced in the firms legal field foster keyword gold during discussions. When expertly produced, podcast production services allow lawyers and guests to share their insights on current issues, legal trends, recent court decisions, and industry-specific strategies.


These thought leadership-establishing videos demonstrate the law firm’s depth of knowledge and help them reach a broader audience. The aspect of storytelling mastery amplifies the impact of the information being conveyed, and distractions are removed by using mics with clear and crisp audio, lighting that’s easy on the eyes, multicam angles edited seamlessly, and b-roll that’s supportive in podcast social teasers and snippets.

Attorney video production is an essential component of modern law firm marketing and communication strategies. As a Dallas video production and video marketing company specializing in law firm production services, we’ve seen how it enables law firms to engage with their audience effectively, make intimidating lawyer-speak and legal topics easy to understand, increase online presence and visibility, and stand out in a “legally”-saturated city. 

Using professional video production for marketing, attorneys pioneer pre-phone call trust-building and gain a face in the minds of potential clients in the decision-making stage. Law firm videos make advanced legal topics become easy to digest and ease prospect uncertainty using success stories that instill trust. If you’re an attorney or law firm looking to use videographers for marketing video production, remember that a video is worth a thousand words and call or contact us today for a free consultation.

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