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4 Things to Look for in a Dallas Videographer

There are many different attributes that make a great worker, from punctuality to personality to experience. In a city as large as Dallas, it can be daunting to search through the copious videographer talent at hand and know that you’ve found the best candidate. Luckily, we know better than most what to look for in a Dallas videographer because we’ve been there in our own (on-going) hiring process! Here are the 4 things we’ve found to be the most important when looking for a videographer in Dallas. 

Following Direction

Following direction is one of the most important abilities your videographer needs to have. If the one doing your video production and/or post-production services is unable to adhere to your desires and branding, they are rendered virtually useless – regardless of their skill-level. Great videography skills can be taught to someone able to follow direction, and if a candidate is able to do so, it’s likely they have in their own self-teaching via online courses and training material or in a classroom environment. 

In regards to the editing stage, a videographer that’s able to follow directions well will be much more efficient in their editing process. Where one videographer may take two or more revisions and renders before they get the result just right, one who has listened closely to your event production run-of-show, product video or ad video production specs, your target real estate video viewer, or the needs you require of a corporate videographer may need just one or none at all. This will ensure that you and your team’s time isn’t wasted and you can focus on your own priorities. 

Work Ethic

Pay attention to your candidates portfolio and reviews. Call references and ask what the videographer was like on set. Were they sitting down a majority of the time? Or were they moving, lifting, directing and commanding throughout the process? This is an area where we’ve seen videographers fail often. Dallas video marketing companies and videographers that don’t may be rare, but they’re out there. A mindset to put in your all on every shoot is a must-have in order to produce a quality and captivating product. 

Quality of Work

It’s a given that you would want your Dallas videographer to have a high quality of work shown in their portfolio. But what does this really look like? Some elements of a video to look for include:

  • Coloring – How vivid and/or realistic is the color in the video?
  • Stability – Does the video appear shaky or smooth and stable?
  • Framing – How well are subjects framed in the shots?
  • Lighting – Is there a soft glow on a subjects face? Does the light seems to reflect the mood and tone of the video’s topic?
  • Audio – Does the video sound crispy and clear, or is there static, background noise or a lack of clarity?

It’s a great idea to make a checklist for quality and move through it when viewing each of your candidates’ portfolio pieces. Undoubtedly, this will help to surface the top candidates in no time! 

Cameras and Gear

Ask your candidates what type of camera, lenses, audio and lighting equipment they use. Then do your research and find out if the gear they use is that of a higher price point or has good reviews on YouTube or better yet – see if videos that they’ve produced have good YouTube SEO. A videographer’s gear is a very good indicator of their experience and skill level. When speaking of gear, we mean both camera gear and video marketing service expertise as these tools are vital to the success of a production. A videographer with cheap or low-quality gear could mean that he/she has not yet made enough profit from their services to afford high quality gear and cameras – meaning they may not have the experience they claim to have. Likewise, a videographer that solely offers video production services, but leaves you to fend for yourself in the posting and marketing or SEO optimization of that video has either made a conscious decision to stay niche in their offerings, or has yet to realize that there’s another half to videography as a whole (which is indicative of inexperience at least to a certain point).

Now, it is entirely possible that a candidate can be highly creative and make great videos using a low-cost camera, and offer solely production with expertise. However, they may not have the experience in working with clients that it truly takes to provide consistent and flaw-free products that give you a return of your investment or are trustworthy enough to eliminate event production mishap. A low-cost camera is also challenged in creating milky, cinematic shots that really impress your viewers. 

Vet and Vet Some More! 

If you’re still unsure which Dallas videographer to choose after using the tips we listed, then keep searching. Once you come across a videographer with the chops to make the quality of video you’re looking for, it will be apparent soon after you meet them and see their work.

You can also give us a call for a free consultation or just to get our opinion on which videographer you should choose from your list of candidates. We’ve been in the industry for years, so it’s possible we even know them personally and can give a personal recommendation! 

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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