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Why Do Churches Use Videographers?

Churches use a videographer or video production service to film and produce videos that can be used in many different ways to further their messaging and engage/educate their members. Here are some common ways that we’ve seen churches use our videographers:

  1. Live-streaming church sermons: Many churches have used our videographers to livestream their services online, allowing people who can’t (or prefer not to) attend a service in person to tune in remotely. This can be especially useful during our current day, as social distancing is a leading reason for virtual events and meetings or for members who live far away but find a specific church’s messages to be meaningful above other churches that are geographically closer to them.
  2. Recording services: Often, our church videographers also record services for later viewing. This is helpful to church members who prefer to watch services at their convenience, if they had to miss a service, or for the church to create an archive of past sermons and events. Pastors and speakers sometimes like to watch their sermons back in order to build awareness of ways they can improve or areas they could expand on in future church services.
  3. Creating outreach and promotional church videos: Churches often use videographers to film and produce content to be used for promotional videography to advertise upcoming church-related events, showcase their community outreach efforts and initiatives, or provide an overview of their church’s mission and values. A videographer can help create these videos to ensure that they’re high in quality and professional enough to adequately represent their congregation and leadership.
  4. Special events in the church: Churches may host special events, like weddings, baptisms, or even evangelistic concerts. This is a very common way in which a church videographer is utilized, as memorable moments are perfect for capture and can be edited into a keepsake video for those involved or used as b-roll or an event recap for promotion of future like-events.
  5. Church social media posting: In addition to the above, a highly-requested videography service we receive is social media videography for churches looking to add an avenue of fellowship with their community and build memberships and/or network.

    Our church videographers love to create content for church social media channels, such as short promotional clips or behind-the-scenes footage, as this is one of the best ways to give an accurate feel for the true heart of a church and what makes it unique and special amongst so many others. This can help the church engage with its members and reach a wider audience online, as viewers can find relatable, humorous or emotionally captivating moments.

Our church videographers find themselves playing an important role in helping local Dallas churches communicate with their congregation and share God’s word or message with the broader community.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways we can be of service to your church, please reach out to us and speak with one of our Dallas videographers for a free consultation!

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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