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5 Real Estate Video Ideas for Top Sale Prices

Did you know that real estate listings with videography get 403% more interest and inquiries than those with just real estate photography? Or that an astonishing 85% more buyers and sellers prefer to use an agent that uses video? It’s true! And while the extra investment in hiring a real estate videographer comes at a risk, if you take our favorite approach to marketing of “throwing mud on the wall till it sticks” when vetting the crew for you, it’s guaranteed that you will eventually find one with the skills, experience and price-point you need to make a true return on investment.


If you already have a videographer for your property listings and are just looking for some inspiration to throw their way on the next shoot day, or if you’re a real estate video pro yourself and looking to add some pizzazz to wow current or prospective clients, keep reading!

B-roll, B-roll and More B-roll

On shoot day, make the very best use of that costly camera and get those money shots! Slow motion takes of that high-tech faucet, gorgeous garage-turned-man-paradise, lovely antique chandelier or awe-inspiring spiral staircase. Open your feelers for the details some might miss in photos like crown molding, hidden storage spaces or pocket doors, high-quality lighting or electrical features, home security systems or smart appliances and devices.

The home’s seller poured his or her time, money and passion into these details and nothing would please them more than to know that not only do you see them too, but you’re making sure potential buyers won’t miss them either!

Custom Graphics and Animations

While you may not be the best graphic designer yourself, there’s an endless world of design talent out there to supplement your video needs in this area! A full-stack video production company can also help you out with this part of your post-production while ensuring that your video reflects your brand or the look and feel you need to attract qualified leads.

Use graphics to educate viewers on the location data such as distance from shopping centers, schools or bodies of water, make less-than-interesting selling points more engaging with shapes and icons.

Instead of bullet points, combine the core information into one all-inclusive shape or use a grid layout. You can also look up motion graphics templates and play around with the capabilities there!

Testimonial Videos

If you’re a real estate agent and looking to increase your client portfolio, choose some of your former clients to be the subjects of testimonial videos for your website and social media platforms. Wyzowl states that 77% of people who’ve watched a brand’s testimonial video say it influenced their decision to purchase from the brand. It also states that 79% of people watch testimonials to learn more about a company, service or product. In our experience, this is a no-brainer! We’ve seen the positive results too many times to count.

When choosing your subjects, take note of who is a naturally emotional person, who is more inclined to wear their heart on their sleeve and who loves to give out compliments. Shy away from those who are more guarded, shy or intimidated in social settings as these traits will almost always be amplified when there’s a camera on them! We also recommend incentavising testimonials for clients whenever possible (pro-tip – do this for ratings and reviews too, it’ll help your SEO)!

Drone Footage

Trust us on this one, aerial video-photography and real estate are a match made in heaven. Afterall, it’s all about “location, location, location”, right? If you don’t have a drone yourself, hire a drone videographer to assist you! Drones are fun, so they will love to help out and even help you get started if you want to take a shot at drone video yourself.

You’ll want to spend as much time shooting on the ground and on the interior of the property as you can during the scheduled shoot, so taking some of your own time to shoot the drone footage outside of that will yield you more content to source from in post-production. Go to the surrounding areas at dawn or sunset – this is when you get the best visuals – before the shoot to capture the neighborhood, land and landscaping, ocean, lake or city-life. Then take the drone on shoot day itself and get the view of the property in all of its glory from above.

Real Estate Education Videos

If you’re a real estate agent, we can’t stress enough the importance of a strategic social media strategy. Sit down with your videographer and marketing consultant or team to create a social media calendar that drives your post topics, shoot days and posting days.

While most of your competition is likely just posting new listings or sharing content from other content creators, you want to be educating your followers on real estate tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, how-tos, you name it!

This will be your audience growing instead of shrinking as they are getting true value from your posts. And this helps you in the “real” world when your prospective clients look you up before hiring you – they can immediately see that you are an authority in your field and have many others looking to you for guidance. When they can see your face and personality they trust you, it’s that simple! Not to mention that an increasing social network can bring new leads on its own.

Keep Sharpening Those Skills!

We hope that you found these ideas inspiring and encourage you to keep doing research on ways to improve your real estate videographer skills. Using video content is one of the best and most overlooked ways to get top sales prices on your property so take advantage of it. And as always, feel free to reach out to us with your questions or for a free consultation – these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg in our inspiration arsenal!

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