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How Long Video Production Takes

Video Production Turnaround Time

Video production for a single, one- to two-minute video takes approximately 3 days to deliver, from the start of filming, and with the production shoot day included. Then a 2-day turnaround for post-production to deliver the video for approval and review by the client. Additional time may be needed, depending on circumstances such as a large scope of revision requests, higher-than-usual volume of video production bookings, payment delays, travel time (for example, a half-day needed for hauling gear and packing plus a half-day flying back from a shoot location).

It is also possible that less video production time may be needed for a small or standard video production project. This is especially true in instances where the video deliverables are being packaged or bundled and are all filmed together within one or two days. A real-world example of this is for a streamlined shoot and editing process for, say, 20 social snippets using the same branded intro/outro. 

If each video clip follows a similar or identical storytelling style, the “per video” turnaround would be much less. This is assuming that there are no extensive revisions or heavy video production service volume, and no unforeseen hinderances occur. In this example, it’s most likely that the entire video production project would take around one week, instead of three days, 20 times.  

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