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Techniques of Video Production

Video Production Technique

Our video production crew uses a variety of video production techniques. These include cinematography, steady-cam, tripod, run-and-gun and drone video production. Footage techniques we employ include the use of an array of camera lenses and proprietary SONY FX camera gear to create visual appeal that’s enlivening for the storyboard and professionally filmed and produced.

We use aggressive live-event presence when appropriate and needed in order to get the best angles and close distance to the focal subject, with our videographers being known to make their way back-stage, on-stage, front-and-center, and up-close and personal while being respectful of the event attendees and personnel involved.

The fire in Firebrand Media comes from the techniques used by the crew involved in all 3 main production stages, with pre-production using technique for storyboarding and treatment knowledge gleaned from years experience, production using Netflix-quality cameras and effortless filming finesse, and post-production using state-of-the-art processing power, hefty storage capability and Firebrand-technicality in software. We shoot raw footage for dynamic range flexibility, finely-tuned camera settings for consistency, forward-thinking for viewership targeting and retention, and rigorous processes for quality assurance.

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