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Why Do Videographers Use B-roll?

B-roll is a fantastic tool for videographers and post-production specialists. This footage allows us to show to the viewer the intimate details, stunning or impactful moments or even just further engage them to help them follow the story with ease and enjoyment. A great videographer knows how important b-roll is and knows how to shoot it with quality, intentionality and future use in mind.

Why We Use B-roll

It is very common for stock footage to be used for b-roll. Often this is done so that the cost of video production services can stay effective for the client in saving the need for additional shoot days or times, and it’s also done for reasons like matching the branding or look and feel of the topic, product or service. Stock b-roll can also save post-production service time, as the footage does not need to be graded before adding to the content piece.

Increasing the Visual Scope

Because there are an infinite number of ways to shoot b-roll (and an infinite resource of stock b-roll types), this creates a deep and wide scope of visual elements, from video formats like landscape, square or portrait view options to imagery choices from land, sea and air! 

B-roll for Event Recaps

One of our favorite times to use b-roll is used in event production for event recaps and other event videographer/video production services. Telling the story of the event and all of its various activations, speakers and artists is worlds more effective when we’re able to impress viewers with slow-motion clips of our audience rising out of their seats for a standing ovation or an aerial view shot using drone videography of the event venue filled to capacity. When used irresponsibly, b-roll can become messy, so stay aware of your timing, the relevance of the b-roll to the topic and the color-grading. Archive video footage for your clients – even if it means investing revenue on your part. This investment will pay for itself in the long run because your clients understand that social proof of their past speaking event videos, product video productions and promo or advertisement video production is key to customer trust. 

B-roll is Like Salt and Pepper

As a video production company with a motto of “shooting for post”, we like to think of b-roll as the last – but arguably most important – part of the meal preparation. It wouldn’t be wise to spend an entire afternoon cooking an amazing meal, garnishing your dinner plates to look extra pleasing and inviting a host of guests over to enjoy it without adding some seasoning, would it? We want to make sure that every bite is enjoyed to its fullest capacity. We want the guests to be surprised and awed by the perfection in each ingredient and make the meal a home run!

B-roll is essentially the same, we put in so much effort to buy the best camera gear and lighting, work hard getting the perfect shots all throughout the filming process and then spend hours editing our colors, choosing the perfect score and adding motion graphics. So we always want to bring the video home with some stunning b-roll shots!

Get Inspired!

One of the best ways to get great at shooting and using b-roll is to watch other videographers’ videos and usage of it. Scrolling on your phone late at night? Look up demo reels on YouTube and soak in all of the amazing and creative ways it’s used in video production and video marketing. And of course, you can always check in on our videography YouTube channel to see what’s new!

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J Wardrup

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