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3 Ways Video Services Build a Strong Brand

Why is a visual asset an asset? A visual asset is worth money just like any other. This is because companies are worth money, which makes their brands worth it, too. And a brand is a company’s visual identity, so wouldn’t it be true to say that having a strong visual presence is a key aspect of the sales funnel?

Buyer’s Journey

Firebrand Media Co-Founder, Gracie, offered her views on the buyer’s journey’s role in marketing. She says,

“A multi-touch attribution model is always the most effective. We need to establish brand awareness with the top-of-funnel, use differentiators and amazing visuals to brandish our name in the buyer’s brains mid-funnel, and at the bottom of the funnel, we need to present them with a tantalizing, decision-making CTA to which they simply can’t say no.”

If you notice, without the first touch, we have no buyer’s journey whatsoever. You may well know that this is why businesses spend so much marketing budget on their ads. They have to spend more because the ads don’t have high enough click-through to generate leads at a low ad spend.

But what if we had a first-touch attribution model that displayed our brand in such a way that we brandished ourselves as the most valuable service or retail company within our industry from the very first touch, all the way down the funnel?

Companies that we grow using video production and video marketing vary in size and industry. But they all share a common goal, and thus, a common digital marketing denominator. A goal for upward projection in revenue, visibility and trust.

An attorney’s video marketing may use podcast production to execute video SEO that informs and establishes authority needed for search engine presence. A church video production may be used for growth of the congregation by expanding service attendees to those outside of driving distance. An e-commerce product videographer may understand the endless ways that product media assets can be post-produced for social media video marketing, advertisement video, email campaign media for launch blasts and more.

Visual Identity

According to DesignRush, consistency in a brand’s digital visual identity can bring 3.5 times more reach. They also found that a staggering 38% of potential leads or customers will stop engaging with the brand altogether if they find its layout to be aesthetically displeasing.

This helps us answer the ago-old question of, “Why aren’t my ads working?”. It’s possible that your audience is not happy with how you look. Your business’s ads and organic content must look and sound trustworthy, engaging, informative and authoritative. This is a lot to fit into a one-dimensional text ad or social post.

Content is king. Video is king.

Brand Loyalty 

Loyal customers should be the bread and butter of your business. If they aren’t, you know you are lacking a vital aspect of your marketing, your relationship with the buyer. Sure, without the first-touch, there’s no buyer’s journey. But if there’s no “buying” in the journey after the first purchase, your efforts to increase brand awareness become your lifeline.

So how does video help to increase brand loyalty? With video services, we can give you and your business a face. We can make your audience like
you the most. We can use video marketing to educate your audience with how-to videos or masterclasses, engross them with product quality with product video production, inform them with product reviews, entice them with promo and ad production, and engage them with podcast production. We can entertain them with social media video, grow them them video SEO, and ultimately ensure that they associate your brand with a return on their investment – in whatever form that may take.

With a strong visual identity and the foresight to build the visual element into your buyer’s journey, not only will your customers make their first purchase (especially when video/YouTube SEO joins production), but they’ll come back for more. In lead generation and nurturing, a focus on consistency, quality and creativity is how you win the game. Contact our Dallas videographer team to learn how our videography services, photography services and design have built a strong brand presence for our clients.

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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