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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Services

Talk to our founders for just 5 minutes and you’ll get an ear full if you’re ever brave enough to ask them why you need a videographer! Asking J, you’ll hear about how having “vertically-aligned content” is the key to all your problems and Gracie will rattle on endlessly in video marketing agency speak, talking about video SEO, YouTube optimization, domain equity and EAT (whatever that means). But I’m here to break it down for you in the simplest terms.

Does My Company Need Videography?

Reason number one, your (leading) competition uses it. You need video production services because it brings you business and because your competitors have it. Or if they don’t now, they will very soon. In some cases, it’s as simple as that. So why is this such a threat?

According to our own case studies, video production companies and video services can grow a companies sales by upwards of 200% on an average day. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some stats from credible sources to back up our claims (us blog writers love this part):

Reason number two, it’s fun, hands-off content marketing. And what’s the best part about all of this? Video, for you, is fun and easy. If you choose to hire a turnkey video production company, then everything is taken care of – all you have to do is book your shoot day! That’s not to say that video doesn’t take time, though. Just like any marketing channel, the more you put into it, the more you get in return. And patience (don’t you love hearing that?) is, of course, a virtue long-cherished by the philosophers of old.

We must take into consideration what type of videography services we’re talking about, as well. Is this content going to establish you as an industry expert on social media? Is it going to make your site reflect the truly awesome work you do? Is it going to compliment a genius email blast? Is it going to make those products and listings sparkle like they do in real life?

Well in our world, we think it should do all of the above, but again, it’s all about what you’re willing or able to put into it.

Reason number three, the ROI is real (so long as you hire professional video production). It’s also incredibly important that a business hires wisely when it comes to their videographer. Knowing what to look for in a videographer can help. Some key indicators that you’ve found an experienced one will check some of the following boxes in an interview:

A corporate videographer should be well-versed in training, coursework, or industrial video production. A law firm videographer should have at least novice education in video SEO services. An e-commerce product videographer should have a grasp on video marketing services across multiple verticals. A real estate videographer should ask a host of questions to ensure that (if they find applicable) video production for paid advertisements will meet specs needed for the ad platforms. And if a client is unsure, but they think all of this sounds great! Their next question will be, “Okay, so where do we start?”. The videographer will need to have an answer. And an answer that truly helps.

Is Video Right for My Industry?

Reason number four: the right video production type will have a high conversion rate. Another important thing to consider is that every industry is different. While there are some staple video pieces almost all businesses should have; like CEO interviews on your About page, videos introducing each service you provide or product video production for product page assets, and vertical video production that’s made for social media, let’s think a bit more in-depth about it.

If I am a real estate investor, wouldn’t it set me apart if I had my own video podcast production that streams on my social channels, wherein I showcase my experience and value to all who happen to be scrolling by? Or if I’m an agent, wouldn’t a drone videographer help to show – versus tell – that a property is waterfront, in a community with a luxurious clubhouse and private golf course and has a view of the Dallas skyline like no other?

If I am an event coordinator and have the yearly headache of sourcing funds for my event, wouldn’t my case sell itself if the event production company that did my corporate event production created a drool-worthy event recap video that lets them into our world for exactly 30 seconds?

If I’m an insurance broker and my leads depend on my ability to target small business owners – while drowning out the noise of the admittedly-more-entertaining social content on the web – wouldn’t it be in my best interest to give my audience an animated walk-through of the pros of using a broker?

If I pay big bucks monthly on digital ads, wouldn’t it serve me better to use a display ad video production that people actually want to see?

Ultimately, the choice is between you and your team, but give us a call for a free consultation if you’d like to hear our take on whether video services are good fit for your business or a free consultation to go over some verticals that we use video marketing in often for industries similar to your.

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J Wardrup

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