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7 Reasons to Hire a Small Video Production Company

The video production and video marketing atmosphere makes it tempting to go for the big shots with all the fancy gaffing equipment, A-list client portfolios that look like a celebrity VIP lineup, and some overtly stylish and unnecessarily domineering producer. But hold on a second – there’s a crew of unsung production heroes that might just be the secret weapon for your video shoot: small video production companies.

They might not be famous, but they’ve got videography service perks that can give the big guns a run for their money. Read these seven reason why we’ve found that a small crew can be big competition in video production services from commercial videography and cinematography to advertisement videographer services and corporate video production.


1. The Smaller the Crew, the More Time for You

Unlike some large video production companies or big shot crews who may treat you like just another task on their checklist, these small videographer teams give you the VIP treatment. You’re not lost in the shuffle; you’re working with a video production crew that actually cares about your vision, has time to digest your requests and brand identity, and is eager to establish a partnership with you that’s mutually beneficial. The videography field can be highly competitive, and a crew in the heat of competition are determined to create videos that outshine the rest.

2. Budget-Friendly Video Contracts 

Big names usually mean big bucks. Smaller production companies? They’re much more likely to consider smaller budgets and be flexible with negotiations.

They can give you top-notch and investment-returning video production and video marketing service without draining your business card. Or bring an event production company to capture your corporate event video or wedding video production without using all of the events resource allocation. Perfect for those trying to make it work on a tight budget.

3. Quick on Their Feet

The rat-race atmosphere of the video marketing and video production space necessitates being quick. Small video crews have adapted their energy expression to meet the competitive nature of this industry, and more often than not, videographers at smaller companies are lightning fast. Need something filmed or edited ASAP, or want to change things up in a crunch? No problem. Small videography crews are flexible and can roll with the punches, while still delivering top-notch media and asset production service.

4. Passion Project-Oriented

The videographers in these smaller production companies are often in the career-oriented phase of their life, having sharpened their specialties and looking for ways to continue incorporating creativity into their videography services. In short, they’re into what they do. Passionate might even be an understatement during times of video job droughts. That passion and youthful drive to create translates into some of the most innovate, professional, curated and creative work for your project.

If you’re in need of a drone videographer, social media videographer, or advertisement video production service, a small crew is likely to have the forward-thinking vision needed to engage your viewers.

They’ll go the extra mile to make your video stands out, take feedback and use it to construct finalized deliverables, and proactively communicate to ensure expectations are exceeded.


5. Production Talent Underdogs

Don’t let the size of a video production company fool you. Small crews have access to some serious talent, and know the landscape of both competition and fresh talent in their city. Small crew producers might not be known all over Hollywood, but be cautious about underestimating the filming and post-production skills they have, nor the experience to make your video shoot and final product(s) a cinematic, commercial or product video production success.

We’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to niche videography. Our industries include attorney video production, real estate video production, industrial video production, and video podcast production services. As such, we’ve found that the intricacies involved in each field are undoubtedly ones that need to be mastered on an individual-to-individual scale. It’s rare that larger companies are able to streamline processes across the industry board without having stunted growth or profit loss.

6. Local Know-How

For multi-location business and marketing video production as well as small business promotion videography, the local audience is the most targeted, and highest converting. Small production crews are likely to live in or near those location, and have a thorough understanding of the town or cities culture, values, and trends. They know the local landscape and the best places to film in order to create content that resonates with viewers and feels right at home.

The secret weapon for connecting with your audience is almost always going to be a city native, and they’ll serve as both your strategic video targeting consultant and videographer team, simultaneously.

Our Dallas, TX video production company crew has found this to be abundantly true, as many corporate video production services in Dallas and event production service jobs we’ve done locally have involved coordinators, speakers and sponsors coming to the Metroplex from out-of-town or state. Without the local know-how gleaned from a Dallas event production company, clients have expressed how overwhelming it would be to navigate on-location or video advertisement production in the city of Dallas


7. They’re Team Players

Working with a small crew has a tendency to feel more like a collaboration and partnership than a transaction. To them, you’re not just a client; you’re part of the creative, marketing, branding, strategic, and building process. It’s important to have a connection with your videographers, as they’ll learn your likes and dislikes, your company identity, and your own team. A small crew is used to meeting new clients regularly, and their career means everlasting network expansion. Due to this, they’re hard-wired to fulfill your ideas and make them happen, having done so with a broad range of people and professionals over so much time.
So, when it comes to hiring a video production company, don’t just go for the big names. Small video production companies have a long list of pros when it comes to personal attention, budget-friendly video production, quickness and adaptability. Combined with passion, talent, local culture, and a collaborative spirit means their name might not be shown in lights, but they are often the production underdogs proving that size doesn’t always matter.
J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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