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Using Video Services for Your Masterclass

The question of how to monetize video comes up often when our Dallas videographers speak with prospects and clients. There are many different ways to create a revenue stream from your video, but one of our favorites to create is a masterclass. These are product video productions that not only educate and entertain, but also showcase your expertise in your industry.

Add to your insights videography services providing cinematic video quality and acting as the vendor for your social media video production for snippets, email content, featured blogs and an almost endless way to repurpose your masterclass video content. This can range from ad production using video editing of the original content, video SEO of the short and long-form video content produced from the course videos and much more.

Types of Masterclasses

A beautiful part about masterclasses is that anyone can do one. From video production for law firms, how-to courses with product videography, to thought-leaders creating ROI from their innovative forward-thinking. If there is a job to be done or a service or product to be utilized, there’s training needed for that job.

And those who need the training would much rather watch an informative and thought-provoking video series than reading from a textbook or paying high tuition fees at an education facility (adding a need for a full-time job to their full-time schoolwork).

A course that’s entirely focused on your industry and your company’s insights into that industry is another benefit to be considered. Video builds a strong brand presence, and what better way to establish branding than with a digital product video production that also generates capital for your business? Masterclasses simply make sense, for both you and your viewer.

Is a Masterclass Free?

That depends! Sometimes it’s a good idea to offer free, shortened clips of your masterclass to your social media followers or website viewers. These serve as digital billboards for your product and entice the viewer with your scope of knowledge and expertise. When we bait our viewers in, we’ve often found that our sign-ups increase and general interest in our course generates much faster.

However, most of the time, we do not recommend offering your entire course for free. This is your digital product that can be sold over and over again, with no shipping costs, warehouse rent and worker payroll or virtually any other overhead after the initial video production cost. Add to this video SEO services (search engine optimization) and you can ensure that you have the highest click-through rates and conversion rates possible. Using a video marketing company or videographer for ad production makes running ads for your course more cost-effective in the long run if you choose to do so.

How a Good Masterclass is Done

We couldn’t count the number of times we’ve seen bad-quality masterclasses being pushed online. When a video has bad quality, bland (or no) b-roll company expertise, piercing audio or even bad lighting, a masterclass is rendered ineffective – and fast. Just as fast as a social media scroller will notice good quality, they’ll notice bad. We have just a fraction of a second to catch our viewer’s eye. This is the first impression that truly does count.

A masterclass should have artistic and flattering lighting, smooth and crisp audio and a comprehensive lesson plan. More aspects that define quality include a topic that people are actively searching for, great staging, a reasonable (but realistic) price point and post-production/video editing services that reflect the industry type and content being discussed (course-wide and second-by-second). Great motion graphic design, perfect music scoring and a thorough lesson plan are also areas that should be well thought out and planned for.

Now that you’ve learned some key factors that make a great masterclass, go on YouTube and search for some and compare for yourself which ones look to have the best lighting, staging, audio and lesson plan. Then give our Dallas videographers a call and ask about our video services or video marketing services to discuss how you can create your own masterclass product and create a new revenue stream!

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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