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How Do Video Production Companies Help Marketing?

We often get asked how production companies add value to a business. In short, it’s because we are a key aspect in establishing your digital footprint. With the world becoming more and more internet-based, video production services and advertisement production become more of a necessity. You want to take up the most digital real estate as possible and continuously increase your visibility and online presence. Here are some of the top ways video services add value!

Brand Video Value

Many, if not most, customers who are of a brand when they are in what we call the “awareness stage” of the buyers journey.

What they do know is that they are looking for a particular product or service. This is why using video marketing is so important: you need your brand to shine brighter than the rest. Many studies have shown that the best way to do that is by showing prospective leads and customers your product visually. It’s a bit similar to “action speak louder than words”. Videos and photos speak louder than text on a screen. 

A helpful tip when searching for a production company is to ask them questions that are focused on the marketing of your videos. Here are some questions to ask in your first consultation:

  1. Where would you recommend I post my videos and why?
  2. What types of videos do you suggest we create and why?
  3. Do you have any case studies of ROI from videography in my industry?

Just these three questions will give you a world if insight into a videographers knowledge level or experience in digital marketing.

Establishing Trust

Real estate agents, e-commerce companies, law firms, hairstylists, dry-cleaners, bankers – you name it – should all use a production company or videographer to execute their service or product video production.

When a prospect can see with their own eyes the products size, texture or color, real estate agent giving a virtual tour of a home, a dry-cleaner working with care and skill or a model wearing clothing with high-quality fabric, that’s when they begin to trust. See how our attorney video production connects firms with prospects using educational video podcast production, ad production and social media video marketing!

Another step of the trust factor is your online reputation, which is another area that videography services can be used. We’ve used several client and corporate video production services to highlight a call-to-action for customers to leave a 5-star review with an incentive for a discount on a product or service. Amazing results are seen nearly every time! These positive reviews help to negate any negative, as studies have shown that customers are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive, unless prompted.

Increased Reach & Engagement

If a video production company is skilled and experienced, it’s likely that they offer video marketing services to a degree that allows them to show a track record of increased views, clicks, impressions and reach on YouTube, social posts and ads or website videos. These user behavior metrics are important not only for their standalone value of growth, but future growth as well. In fact, the reason we offer video SEO services is because great user behavior metrics are ranking factors in search engines!

Facebook and Instagram use algorithms that detects which posts have the best metrics, and those get shown more often. Google detects which videos, ads and webpages are viewed the longest, have the highest click-through rates and receive the most sessions to determine how high to show those in search results. 

Our production company CMO, a former technical SEO and SEO Director explains that once we realize this, we begin to see the return on our investment not only from our traction gained at the time of posting, but long after, as previous user behavior metrics determine future consideration by algorithms and search engines. This is why we offer video SEO marketing to all clients interested in firing up their brand.

Throwing Mud 

There are so many ways that a production company can add value to your business – but in the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Remember that once you’ve chosen your production company, the next step is to test the various avenues and platforms for posting your videos. See what works best and continue further down that path, then test some more variations and video types to truly optimize your ROI. 

Hiring a video production company can seem like a leap of faith, but in the world of digital marketing, we know that everything is a process of testing and trying. We like to say, “Keep throwing mud on the wall and eventually something will stick!” In our experience, we’ve learned that videography services help that mud stick fast.

It’s very important not to get discouraged. The tortoise wins the race because he’s patient. With patience, intentionality, a process and a great team of videographers beside you, there’s virtually no way you won’t succeed, given the time! 

Trust the process, listen to your team, consult with both digital or video marketers and producers, send surveys to your client base, study your analytics and reporting tools and seek out new ways to excite your audience every chance you get.

This is the winning strategy and the best way to fire up your brand!

J Wardrup

J Wardrup

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