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How Real Estate Videographers Help Close

Real Estate Videographers Closing

Real estate videographers, when experienced and carrying great gear, can help close deals in several ways. From the increased pool of prospective home buyers to the true-to-life nature of showing your property in a video. 

Showcasing Your Differentiators

What you sell is ultimately what makes your listing and name different from the rest, but without a way to show your prospects those differentiators in a way that they can see and hear, you can only make that impression after a face-to-face meeting. Imagine only needing to give your tour once before the truly interested buyers reach out for a walk-through.

These audio and visual selling assets showcase your selling points not only in a way that ensures less of your time needed in the long run, but also from a high-quality and creative light that draws a viewer’s eye to the smaller, more personal details of your listing. Whether it’s the intricate crown-molding, the recessed lighting or the chic and modern bathroom faucet!


Broadcasting Your Values

One thing we’ve learned in our experience in the real estate industry is that buyers need to trust their real estate agent. They know that buying a home can come with its risks and if they are unsure if they can trust you, they are certainly less likely to close a deal with you. 

Our videographers are trained to develop a keen eye for finding and drawing out your values, so that these are what become a focal point in your brand or name. They’re also experienced in ensuring a video marketing service plan that folds in interviews and snippets or even docu-style video pieces for your social media video that highlight your work ethic, integrity, knowledge and experience with home inspections and other specialities that will set your buyers at ease.

You can also be proactive and bring your value proposition, mission statement and a list of your differentiators with you to show your videographer. Ask them to build a graphic that broadcasts these to your viewers and discuss using them in your script and/pr storyboard. 

The Right Pool of Buyers

Our Producer J founded Firebrand Media on a key mission of ensuring not only that our own clients were from the best pool of prospects, but that their video production services were executed professionally and being shown to the best pool as well. 

This is precisely why he partnered with our Co-founder Gracie, as her speciality is in ensuring that the product video production or service video being shown ends up solving the precise intent of the searcher or viewer. Video SEO services and video ad productions have a way of filtering down to your best leads, and it’s not an accident. Those prospective buyers who might be looking for something even slightly different (or in a different price range, neighborhood, etc.) can see that right away! If they know right off the bat that this property isn’t a good fit for them, then they likely won’t want to waste your time (this is picked up by search engines that learn where to display you based on these behavior indicators).

And on the other hand, someone who is looking for a property just like the one you have available for purchase will get excited once they see your drone video production, video tour and real estate listing photography.

They’ve taken this notion and intricately weaved it down the video service line to ensure that every step our video marketers, videographers and photographers take (and that every marketing team we work with) asks themselves this question before continuing forward with a decision, “Does this align with our content strategy?”.

It’s a habit of ours to continuously monitor our clients’ social media video service accounts, online reputation and other areas of online presence to make sure there is no stone left unturned, and if any discrepancy or flaw is found, we pride ourselves in being one of the first to bring this to the attention of the appropriate party to get it resolved. 

High Quality, High Close Rate

It’s certainly important to remember that using video assets to reach and filter to the best buyers and prospects is only effective if done correctly. If a videographer is inexperienced at shooting, editing or running a real estate video production shoot with multiple parties involved, the end result could end up doing more harm than good.

We always want to highly recommend that after making the decision to hire a videographer or production company, you do your due diligence to ask the videographer questions about their experience, what type of camera(s) they use, how much experience they have in your industry and the like. The quality of your video is a reflection of you and the service you provide to your buyer. So even if you choose to have less video content created for you at a higher price point, that’s always a better choice than a multitude of low-quality videos.

Has real estate listing videography ever helped you close a deal? We would love to hear about your experience. Leave a comment below and let us know!

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